Network of Indian Scientists, Academics and researches in Germany

The NISARG comprises Indian origin academics, scientists and researchers in Germany and provides a platform to come together and share experiences. Some past activities / events of NISARG can be seen while accessing the links below:-

NISARG - Episode 1 – Inauguration – Dr. Rajnish Tiwari

NISARG - Annual General Meeting of NISARG

NISARG - Episode 2 - Prof.Avishek Anand & Dr. Megha Khosla

NISARG - Episode 3 - Prof. Mayank Kumar Golpelwar

NISARG - Episode 4 - Dr. Pratirupa Bardhan

NISARG - Episode 5 - Mr. Vinay Kumar - Scientist (BGR), Hannover, Germany

NISARG - Episode 6 - Arpita Bose, Researcher, University of Bremen& Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Germany

NISARG - Episode 7 - Dr. Partha Dabke, MBBS, PhD, Pediatric Metabolic Medicine, MHH, Germany