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General Information

The Consulate General of India, Hamburg accepts applications for Passport Services directly at the Consulate. However, due to the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic, applicants are requested to complete their application(s) by following the process mentioned below and send the completed application(s) to the Consulate by Registered Post (Einschreiben) till further notification. Payment is accepted preferably through Bank transfer. The application(s) shall be processed at the earliest after successful scrutiny of the applications/supporting documents and on confirmation of fee deposit. The following steps should be followed to complete the reissue of passport application:

STEP 1:  Select your applicable Passport Service from the given Table – Click Here

STEP 2: Fill the application form online, take printout on A4 size papers and sign the application where required.

STEP 3: Pay the applicable Fee through Bank Transfer.

STEP 4:Attach clear self-attested photocopies of the Supporting Documents, Original Passport, photographs & Proof of Fee Deposit with signed application form.

STEP 5:Send your completed application by Registered Post to the Consulate.

After completing the above 5 Steps, applicants should send their Completed Applications (in an A4 Size Envelope) by Registered Post (Einschreiben) to the following Address:

Indisches Generalkonsulat

Kohlhöfen 21,

20355 Hamburg.


To process the applications at the Consulate in a timely manner, applicants are requested to refer the following important topics before sending their applications to the Consulate:

  1. Application Form & Documentation
  2. Photograph Specifications
  3. Bank Detail & Fee Structure


Applications received through Registered Post shall be processed at the earliest. Applicants may note the following Important Points applicable after sending their application by Registered Post:

  1. Status of receipt of the Registered Post may be tracked online at concerned postal website. Receipt of post related enquiries through phone calls and emails shall not be entertained at the Consulate.
  2. Incomplete/Incorrect application forms couldn't be processed and applicants shall be informed by the Consular Team to submit missing documents/information. Valid email address and local Contact numbers should be provided by the Applicants in their Application forms.
  3. Status of passport applications may be followed online at by providing Application Reference Number (ARN) or after logging in to the Portal.

Explanation of Online Status Updates

Sr. No.

Online Status Update



Application Form has been Submitted

The status appears immediately after submission of online application form at applicant’s end and remains unchanged till beginning of processing.


Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.

(Without 13 digits File No.)

Application is under process at the Consulate.


Application is Granted.


Application has been processed by the Consulate.


Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.

(With 13 digits File No.)

Application has been processed by the Consulate; police verification might be pending in India.


Your passport has been printed and being forwarded to Embassy/Consulate. The Embassy/Consulate will contact you once they receive the passport for dispatch.

Consulate is awaiting the new passport;


The new passport is received, however, not yet ready for collection.


Applicant is requested to collect the passport from counter at Indian Embassy/Consulate.

Passport is ready for collection/dispatch. If postal delivery requested, the same shall be sent by Registered Post. If not, applicants may collect the same on any working day during Collection Timing.

iv.Processing of passport applications may take around 6-8 weeks (starting from date of receipt of complete application). Applicants are requested to refrain from making enquiries during this period. If required, applicants shall be contacted by the Consular Team.

v.In order to avoid nick of the time pressure on the passport processing, we appreciate that applicants may apply reissuance of passports well in advance (within one year before the expiry of current passport).


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